Cenk & Joe Scarborough said Trump was lying about CARAVAN coming to the U.S. – #TFNOriginal

Published on April 29, 2018 by

Only a few weeks earlier, many in the lying liberal media caimed, President Trump was off the reservation in terms of a caravan of migrants headed towards the southern border. Low and behold, Trump was right, AGAIN. They just got here.. Do you think they’ll apologize? Nope, they’ll just move on to their next smear campaign and pretend like they never said anything. Lucky we have the tape to vindicate the President. These people are the most dishonest, repugnant human beings on the planet. ————– Please help support to keep this channels going. We have our hands filled pointing out the plethora of lies in the liberal media. Every little bit helps… www.Paypal.me/TrumpFanNetwork


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