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I don’t know guys… Usually, I like to keep TFN’s videos under 6, or 7 minutes (at the most.) There was so much material available to prove the ignorance, and dishonesty, of that idiot named Cenk (Enormous amount of footage was edited out the final version, in the interest of time). I believe this particular video will be epic. Possibly, the future permanent catalog to preserve just how much double speak this jackass regurgitates… I have spent more time on this one video than any other video in TFN history. Like myself, I know most TFN subscribers, can’t stand to look at this clown, or stand to hear the sound of his voice. But, it needed to be done.. I spent a majority of my Easter weekend putting this together… Torturing myself, watching hour after hour, of the young turks. I don’t ever want to do that again… Trust me, these people hate America. Hope you enjoy the video.. Please share. – JP ____________________ *SUPPORT TFN:* *Patreon* – *Follow on FB:* Follow IG: trumpfannetwork Back up channel:
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